The Walking Dead Season 8: Daryl and Carol on the first official photo of the next episodes!

Cinema 13 July, 2017

In full shooting, the actors of The Walking Dead prepare us the long-awaited season 8. Good news, it seems that Daryl and Carol are teaming again! Photo to support …

We had so far little good news about Season 8 of The Walking Dead: several characters missing from the shoot, the Season Premiere delayed but finally the luck smiles! An official photo has just been released and we are pleased to see Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) side by side at the scene of the shooting of The Walking Dead! These two characters have supported each other since the beginning: the death of their loved ones, suffering, war … Until Carol decides to take off and abandon the community of Alexandria. But finally, here they are reunited on this cliché which speaks volumes about the continuation of The Walking Dead!

Negan managed to kill two of our favorite characters and to separate the survivors of Alexandria: Eugene and Daryl ventured into her ranks, Maggie had to leave the community to watch her pregnancy and Carol had an existential crisis and preferred to leave Without saying goodbye … Again. But it’s never far away, especially when it comes to protecting Rick and his family. It seems that his connection with Daryl is not ready to get rid and that they will fight again! Seeing them in this picture, they prepare for war: how will she react when she learns that Glenn and Abraham were killed? We think Negan will not be long in front of these two! We’ll know more about The Walking Dead at the Comic Con in San Diego and strongly back on AMC!