The Walking Dead Season 8: Death of a character already insured in the premiere season? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 4 July, 2017

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is approaching and we already know that a certain character could leave us from the first episode.

Autumn is still far away, we already know what could happen in the season premiere of season 8 of The Walking Dead thanks to the information of the site The Spoiling Dead Fans. Indeed according to the information gathered so far, it could heat to the Sanctuary for Negan with an attack carried out in particular by Rick and Father Gabriel. But Gregory’s presence would put Father Gabriel in danger, since he would refuse to abandon him to a horde of walkers. According to the site, Gregory would eventually escape with Father Gabriel’s car and the latter would then be forced to take refuge in a caravan that would soon be encircled by the walkers.

In other words, if this information proves true, Father Gabriel could be in serious danger in the 100th episode of the series, which will also be the very first of season 8. Indeed after his ups and downs, Father Gabriel Seems to have finally found the courage to go totally into the battle. After his betrayal at Alexandria, could Father Gabriel inherit his ultimate redemption by sacrificing himself to save a traitor? It is not impossible and we imagine this plot to unfold at the beginning of the season. This would mark the blow without sacrificing one of the main characters of the series.

Even if we do not have all the information yet, we can suspect that the first episode is likely to be rather restless and that Rick is ready to go on the attack. And whoever says attack says danger to the characters, only one suspects that some are more in danger than others. After the deaths of Glenn and Abraham at the beginning of Season 7, there is very little chance that another main character will die from the first episode. On the other hand, the death of a character like Father Gabriel, or even of Gregory, would be much less surprising. Anyway, we just have to wait until October to know if Father Gabriel could really die or not, and to wait you can vote every day for The Walking Dead in our World Series Cup 2017.