The Walking Dead Season 8: Death of SPOILER to be expected?

Cinema 7 June, 2017

It is not the dead who miss in the series The Walking Dead, you will not be surprised to hear that others will pass very soon … What death is to be expected in season 8?
Rick’s team went on shoot last month to offer us a season 8 of The Walking Dead which looks very different from the previous one ! While waiting for the premiere season in October 2017 on AMC , the team of The Walking Dead makes us wait and give us some information on the next season! Many fans have been disappointed with Season 7 of the zombie show, deemed too dark and depressive. Seeing Rick submit to this Negan sociopath was not easy to watch. But, revenge is a dish that is eaten cold and season 8 will be synonymous with war! Proof image, a photo shooting shows that Rick will attack well Negan neighborhoods in Season 8 of The Walking Dead … As in the comics. And if the war does take place, it will be necessary to expect the dead … Who will be the next?
And it may be that Negan’s right arm does not last long in the upcoming season 8 episodes of The Walking Dead . The reason ? Well the actor Steven Ogg’s (Simon) also plays in the Westworld series and his role could well affect his presence in the new season of The Walking Dead . We will not complain of his loss, quite the contrary! He deserves to go, and why not all his band, as long as we are there? But this is not the first time we have an actor from The Walking Dead for another show, and we start to worry. Sonequa Martin Green (Sasha) has already left us to play the heroine of Star Trek Discovery , As well as Corey Hawkins (Heath) who disappeared from the radar to join the cast of 24: Legacy, who knows if he will come back! In short, it would no longer be missing that Simon or other actors abandon The Walking Dead in their turn!