The Walking Dead Season 8: Episode 1, we already know what will happen in the premiere season! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 1 July, 2017

Months before the release of season 8 of The Walking Dead, the first spoilers on the premiere season are there.

Autumn is still far away but melty continues to help you wait until the fall of the zombies. While we wondered recently what would happen in the first episodes of season 8 of The Walking Dead since Negan will surely be absent, today we propose to learn a little more. Beware of the spoilers in what follows since the site The Spoiling Dead Fans has already gathered a lot of details about what could happen in the 100th episode of the series, which will also be the premiere season. Keep in mind that things could obviously change by the time the episode is released, but that the site has always been a reliable source so far.

According to their deductions based on the comics but also the photos taken during the shooting, a big scene would involve Rick, Father Gabriel and Gregory to the Sanctuary. Photographs show that the wire mesh on which the Eugene metallic skull walkers are attached is no longer in place and the whole place looks like a battlefield. At one point, Rick and Father Gabriel would arrive in their car and truck reinforced and Rick would take a polaroid photo of the Sanctuary before or after starting to shoot the Saviors – according to sources. The exchanges of shots would continue and Gregory would start shouting “Do not leave me!” While walkers would come closer. Rick would then call Father Gabriel to leave Gregory to get back to the vehicles but Father Gabriel would refuse and the situation would completely reverse, leaving Father Gabriel in danger while Gregory would run away with his car.

Father Gabriel would still be able to take refuge in a caravan that would soon be encircled by walkers. Another scene would show Negan on a balcony facing Rick and Father Gabriel behind their vehicles and a phrase like “You’re gonna get down or you wait for me to come and get you” that Rick could tell Negan. According to another source, Negan would be shot – without necessarily being hit or wounded – and Daryl would arrive at the Sanctuary on his motorcycle which he would fail to fall into by a horde of walkers. In short, to imagine a rather agitated attack at the beginning of the season and while waiting to learn more, you can vote for The Walking Dead HERE every day during the 2017 World Cup!