The Walking Dead Season 8: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) he will be there?

Cinema 26 November, 2016

A few hours of broadcasting a new episode of The Walking Dead, the question of the presence of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the season 8 arises!
There or not there? As will be broadcast tomorrow night on AMC , episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we propose to discover the promo pictures , we begin to ask questions about the first season 8 ! One of them is whether or not we will find Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan in the next round of episodes. The question may seem premature, but it makes perfect sense at a time when the series touches its lowest. Indeed, the figure was much anticipated and led the public in mass during the season premiere. Since then, the audience collapses and the Negan effect proves to be more ephemeral bloom since comments judging the unpleasant character . Still, although this seems to be the same goal Negan, we wonder if the production could not decide to remove prematurely. The surprise would be present and could start a new era for our heroes. So, let us see the end of Negan by the end of season 7?
Certainly not ! Although the pace seems to be accelerating and that the arrival of Whisperers is teasée by production, we should not get to this stage of the comics before the season finale. Negan should still be alive if we follow the story and will play an important role. Indeed, it will take part in the war against this new community particularly disturbing, alongside Rick and the others. A step that will allow us to learn much about his past and about the true origin of Lucille name, given to his faithful bat . Another reason to believe that the character will be present during the season 8 what his interpreter. Jeffrey Dean Morgan said “This year, there will be no flashback Negan, but I think we have time! We have a little time to move forward, but it would be something that I would certainly do ” . The character may have displeased some fans, but we can guarantee that it is far from having unveiled all facets of his personality! Lately, fans unveiled what would be the worst purposes for The Walking Dead! Do you want to discover more about Negan?