The Walking Dead Season 8: Maria Bello joined the series, the Alpha Whisperer already casted?

Cinema 6 November, 2016

While the episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead has not yet been released, the cast of season 8 already makes us speculate on!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-the-walking-deadWhile the 7 of The Walking Dead season continues with Daryl shot more than ever , speculation about Season 8 are already underway, thanks to the recent casting of Maria Bello for the future. The actress that some have already seen on the small screen in ER is a big fan of the series and has the chance to know a producer of the series that has obviously agreed to write a role for the future. Yet fan as she is, Maria Bello confessed she was even happy to play a zombie. “I’m obsessed with the series, it’s my favorite so even if it is to play a zombie for an episode I starting lineup! ” But fans already have another idea in mind for the actress not least because it is in an iconic role in the world of the Walking Dead they already see . Beware of spoilers on US comics and the rest of the series in the next lines.

According to the intrigues of the comic Robert Kirkman, Rick and his group are not out of the woods since after Negan, it is another hostile group they will fall: The Whisperers / Whisperers. At their head: a ruthless leader named Alpha and some see already played by Maria Bello . To better understand this group you have to know they are using a very popular technique in fear the walking dead: dressing up walker to spend unnoticed among them. This not only allows them to move easily but also to attack their enemies by surprise. If one believes the comic, it may well be that we met this group very soon and the cast of Maria Bello enough has revived speculation about the arrival of the Whisperers in Season 8. Waiting to know and since it is not there yet, discover about Norman Reedus that Daryl will be transformed by the death of Glenn in season 7 of the Walking dead! What do you think?