The Walking Dead season 8: Negan absent from the first episodes, what will happen there?

Cinema 27 June, 2017

The news is almost confirmed and it would seem that the beginning of season 8 of The Walking Dead will go from Negan. But what are the episodes going to talk about?
In the middle of our 2017 World Cup, and we’re wondering if Rick Grimes could beat the Demogorgon of Stranger Things , we’re now interested in Season 8 and what it’s all about. After a seventh season that placed all pawns on the chessboard, we are ready to see Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom fighting against the Sanctuary and Jadis. But despite all that is promised to us for the beginning of season 8, it could be that an emblematic character misses the call . As previously suspected, Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the big villain Negan has not been seen on the set since filming the first episode, knowing that production is currently filming episode 5 of The season 8.
This absence could be explained more by the presence of the actor in the casting of the film of Dwayne Johnson, Rampage, than for scenario-specific reasons for The Walking Dead . But then what could happen in the first episodes? First of all, it is quite possible that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is shooting indoors and so has not been noticed by the fans who hang around the plateaus . During the arc of the comics, Negan is forced to remain inside the Sanctuary because of an invasion of walkers, which could explain the momentary absence of Negan out of the walls of his den, although this should not Not span 4 episodes.
After seeing a Rick back and completely crushed by the presence of Negan, seeing some episodes focused on the group we know well could prove to be most enjoyable. They will all have a lot to do to prepare for the war against the Saviors and the first episodes could show us the artillery and their strategies . Not to mention the fact that Michonne and Rosita, both wounded, are likely to be recovering at the beginning of the season and that it is doubtful whether the groups will decide to attack without some of their most effective members. Finally, since Negan will be present in the premiere season, maybe he will simply be dressing his wounds in subsequent episodes. ALTHOUGH There is still time to speculate and waiting to learn more, the words of Steven Yeun, totally leaving to return to The Walking Dead , are to be discovered on melty. What do you think ?