The Walking Dead Season 8: SPOILER confirms its presence!

Cinema 1 December, 2016

While the spread of 7 The Walking Dead season continues, SPOILER confirms its presence in the cast of season 8!

the-walking-dead-season-7-saison-7-twd-posterThere or not there! we have the answer . While we were wondering if the Oceanside community could be the key to defeating Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead , we were waiting whether the terrible character would be present in the next round of episodes of the hit cable channel American AMC. Although the series follow the comics, we note that it detaches more. Thus, we would not have been surprised if the character of Negan had not followed the same path in the series and he knew a doom at the end of Season 7. But, do not worry! Indeed, at Comic Con in San Diego, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said he was on board for “a long time” ! He then confirmed his presence in Season 8 , saying: “We have finished filming Season 7 it a week ago I know I am part of the season eight.”.
The actor took the opportunity to do that Negan after two weeks of absence would be present in the last two episodes of the first part of the season 7. He states: “In the next two, I really am now I am. f *** ing intense in it . ” Note that the episode titles and synopses of 7×07 and 7×08 suggest that iconic and infamous moments of the comics will be staged in the series . Excellent news for fans, but very bad news for several characters. Waiting to find out more, we wondered if we would not learn in season 7 of The Walking Dead Rick killed men Oceanside! Are you satisfied with this confirmation?