The Walking Dead Season 8: Steven Yeun talks about the possible return of Glenn in the series!

Cinema 20 June, 2017

Steven Yeun has been talking about a possible return of Glenn Rhee in the series, not months ago before the release of Season 8 of The Walking Dead.
It’s been only one season that he has left the series and yet we are already cruelly missing. Glenn Rhee was far from being among the most hated characters of The Walking Dead and his absence is always felt in the episodes. While Steven Yeun remained rather discreet about his departure, the Walker Stalker Con gave him the opportunity to express not only the difficulty of farewells with his colleagues and friends, but also the possibility of a return of his character. If in the comics no Flashback of Glenn has for the moment taken place, it is a process that could very well see in the series . After all a happy Glenn and Dad appears at the end of the season premiere of season 7 and nothing tells us that ‘ We could not see him again in the next episodes. Steven Yeun is in any case leaving.
“I’m staying open as long as it makes sense. I do not want it to be forced, but if there’s a way for Glenn’s return to make sense, I’m outright . ” After all, Abraham has come back into the series for an episode during which Sasha was between dream and hallucination just before he died. It is hoped that nothing serious will happen to Maggie but we can not rule out the possibility that she simply dreams of Glenn, or that she imagines him at her side when she gives birth to their baby . Rick also saw Lori and Hershel, and Tyreese saw Lizzie, Mika and the Governor just before dying. In short, the death of a character does not necessarily mean that we will not see him again and see Glenn again, Universe of The Walking Dead could be the friendliest. While waiting to know if this will happen, Greg Nicotero recently confided in ways to improve the series . What do you think ?
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