The Walking Dead Season 8: The fate of SPOILER sealed by comics?

Cinema 6 May, 2017

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is not about to start that one can already worry about one of the main characters of the series. Attention, big spoilers on the comics published in the US.
While we were told yesterday that Robert Kirkman addressed the fans to apologize for killing a certain character in the comics The Walking Dead , today we look at the consequences of this death in the sequel of Series. Attention to the spoilers on the comics published in the US in the following since we will say which character died in the last issue appeared. In no. 167, Andrea was bitten by a walker and Robert Kirkman decided to apologize for his death to the fans since she was among the characters present since the very beginning of the adventure. As the fans know, Andrea died in season 3 of the series but several characteristics of his character were taken over by Michonne, Including his relationship with Rick Grimes . It seems legitimate to ask if the death of Andrea in the comics announces the death of Michonne in the series The Walking Dead .
Obviously, since comics come out much faster than episodes, if Michonne were to die like Andrea, it would not be before several seasons. But it would be quite possible that, in trying to defend Eugene or some other character, Michonne gets bitten and dies in turn . This is of course not what we want and it is hoped that Michonne will continue to survive for long seasons yet. It is also possible that the death of Andrea is given to another character since after being bitten, she sacrifices herself to divert a horde and protect Alexandria, things that several survivors could do. We have in any case a few seasons before us to ask if Michonne really will recover the same tragic end that ” Andrea and while waiting until then, discover Rick and Carl on the first pictures of the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead. What do you think ?