The Walking Dead Season 8: The series continues to poke the ideas of Game of Thrones to make its promotion!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

The release of new posters for season 7 of Game of Thrones gave ideas to the series for season 8 of The Walking Dead …
And they give it back! After surfing on the first wave of promo posters for season 7 of Game of Thrones – which has just released a new trailer – the official twitter account of Skybound Entertainment has just started over. Yes, because as we approach July 16, the HBO promo is expanding for its flagship series and new posters saying “Winter is Here” have recently been unveiled. To surf the buzz of all this, a new poster for season 8 of The Walking Dead that puts Rick Grimes in the spotlight has been published . As you can see below, the same design is taken over and the only thing that changes – apart from the actor’s head obviously – is the catchphase.
As the tweet says, “If the winter is there, then the war is not far away in The Walking Dead . ” For it is indeed a new arc that we should see in season 8: that of the great war between Negan, his Saviors and his ally, on one side against Rick Grimes, Ezekiel, Maggie and their communities on the other . A fight that promises itself without mercy and that could well do serious damage. In any case, we welcome once again the initiative of Skybound Entertainment which takes advantage of a buzz to create another one. While waiting to have the official promotions of the suite coming from AMC, we wondered if The Walking Dead was going to face Gray ‘ S Anatomy in the continuation of our 2017 World Cup ! And you, what do you think of this poster?