The Walking Dead Season 8: What if Negan had a small fragile heart?

Cinema 20 June, 2017

Negan is a sociopath. He broke our hearts as soon as he arrived in season 6 of The Walking Dead and we did not try to understand how this character could have reached such a level of cruelty …
(The article contains SPOILERS) The Walking Dead is currently shooting in the United States to prepare for season 8, which will feature one of the biggest wars ever seen in the series: Negan vs. Rick ! The most sociopathic character in the series’ history to land in The Walking Dead at the end of Season 6 on AMC to brutally kill two of our favorite characters. The viewers immediately abhorred him, and his behavior in subsequent episodes did not help him to be forgiven. But why all this hatred, Negan? Would you hide a little tender heart under this killer paraphernalia? The comics tell us more in “Here’s Negan”
Who is Lucille?
All the fans of The Walking Dead will know what they are talking about: Negan’s dear baseball bat. The one that destroyed the skull of Abraham and Glenn … You must have noticed that Negan clearly has a sexual attachment for it that he nicknamed Lucille. But why ? In comics, Robert Kirkman says more about Negan’s previous story and this one will make you a little more empathetic about it! Well, before the apocalypse, the leader of the Saviors was married and his wife’s name was Lucille . Negan had several extramarital relationships before his wife was diagnosed with cancer. In the comics, Negan then leaves his mistress to take care of Lucille. It ‘ Locked up in the hospital room with his wife while the zombies stormed the premises. It is in his arms that Lucille succumbs to his illness before returning as a zombie, in turn. His death apparently devastated Negan so that he came to nickname such an object as her!
A paternal instinct?
Negan? A paternal instinct? You could not remain insensitive to his smile and his sparkling eyes when he meets little Judith . Negan becomes totally gaga of the child and does not let go of a sole. And even though he was planning to kill Carl at the end of Season 7, he has a certain respect and attachment for this young boy. Even Carl lets himself be carried away by Negan’s charisma, letting him hold his sister in his arms. This is particularly evident when Negan claims to eat with Rick’s two children as a family. A beautiful family picture, do not you think?
A certain respect for women?
It is clear that Negan has some problem with regard to women . His background in comics and his situation in the series speak volumes. What is surprising for him is that he has established a law against rape between his ranks. Remember, when Sasha is on the brink of being raped by one of the Saviors, Negan does not hesitate for a second to kill him on the spot by adding that sexual abuse is not allowed here. Comic as it does not prevent of course, to have several women! To believe that Negan does not realize that he is himself a chief rapist! Of course, his harem would not dare to say no and one can understand why …
In the end, Negan releases a tiny bit of humanity by some of his actions, in both comics and series. Every wicked man becomes so for a reason. And it’s probably in the upcoming season 8 of The Walking Dead that we’ll know more about Negan’s past and what made him that heartless killer . See if the showers of The Walking Dead will follow Robert Kirkman’s comics about Negan’s story or if they decide to move away from it, as has already been the case. And if you too are a fan of this series, come and participate in the 2017 World Cup to perhaps win The Walking Dead !