The Walking Dead Season 8: What if Negan was not Negan, WTF theory?

Cinema 30 May, 2017

And yes, when the fans wait for the continuation of their adored series, they lose foot and imagine multiple scenarios. Let’s look at Negan’s, who might not be the real Negan!
“I’m Negan” , and you, who are you? “I ‘m Negan, too . ” By dint of eating our ears to all be Negan, we end up having big doubts about the biggest psychopath of The Walking Dead . Remember, when Rick and his gang attacked one of Savior ‘s benchmarks during Season 6, Paula, who seemed to be the leader of the small group, said, “Honey, but we’re all Negan . ” Even Eugene joined the troops! And if, in the end, we were playing with us from the beginning? What if Negan was not actually Negan? It’s the new WTF theory of the week that feeds the web …
Negan is as exciting as it gets. Intelligent and cruel, this character shakes us the stomach since his arrival in The Walking Dead . A mystery around the famous Negan over the seasons and now he appears as the great leader in the unforgettable episode 16 of season 6 (before he massacred heads). Only the show’s showrunners sometimes move away from the comic strip and play with our nerves. Could it be that Negan is actually not the true leader of the Saviors? Nothing can surprise us in this show! Especially since Negan has not yet appeared on the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead . Some fans are convinced that the sociopath of the series n ‘ Is that the puppet of an even more crazy character who should soon make its appearance in The Walking Dead . We want to tell you that this theory is implausible but let the fans of the series in their crazy illusions. Enjoy the Fall on AMC !