The Walking Dead Season 8: Will Negan Drastically Change Into The Sequel? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 9 January, 2017

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has not yet resumed that we are already interested in what the future holds for Negan in season 8. Watch out for the spoilers!

February 12 approach and continue to wonder what awaits us in the Robert Kirkman zombie universe since after coming back on the presence of Tara in Season 8 of The Walking Dead is the big bad that Negan We are interested. Attention to the big spoilers in the suite since we will be based on the latest US comics to talk about what will happen to Negan. Regular readers will know, the No. 162 of the US comics saw unfold a peculiar scene between Negan and Lucille bat, broken during the war against the Whisperers . So the comic begins with the burial of the bat that Negan named so in honor of his wife who died before the apocalypse as we learned from out-series focused on him and his origins. This surprising and touching scene unveiled a whole new facet of Negan and to see him in a position of vulnerability rather unusual.
During the funeral, Negan apologizes saying “I’m sorry. I could not make you a funeral and I know it’s different. I’m sorry for never having been able to, this is what is closest to it ” . Negan’s wife, Lucille, has indeed died of cancer just before the zombie invasion before being resuscitated in walker. This difficult end visibly marked Negan really speaking to his bat as if speaking to his wife, telling her that he hopes she rest in peace and concluding with the words: “You’ll always miss Lucille I. ‘m sorry I called that stupid bat like you ” . This unexpected behavior on the part of Negan will make him a new man in the continuation of the comic strip, and so of the series if things happen in the same way? It is not impossible, especially when we know that he has already half turned his jacket to help Rick against the Whisperers.
The mourning of his wife could mark a necessary renewal and the end of a bitter period and devoid of sensitivity and therefore guilt. Although it is difficult to imagine Negan apologizing to Maggie for the death of Glenn, we wonder if the disappearance of his bat Lucille will not reveal in him a more human side that would make his character more complex and even more fascinating . Obviously if we ever want to see this Negan in the series, this assumes that the intrigues will always remain more or less the same as those of the comics, and in any case it will probably wait a little while before seeing the war Between Alexandria and the Whisperers, possibly even after season 8. Still, we still have a lot to learn from Negan and we can not wait to see him develop in the future. Pending the resumption on February 12, it was asked how the season 7 of The Walking Dead was about to end . What do you think ?