The Walking Dead Season 8: Will Rick and Negan be allies?

Cinema 1 February, 2017

J-12 before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead and we are already interested in the intrigues of season 8. Watch out for spoilers coming from the US comics!
The wait is almost over and there are only a few days to finally find Rick, Daryl and the gang on AMC to know what they are preparing to attack Negan. Pending February 12, we continue to take care and having listed three characters we would like to see die in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , we now look at the dynamics between two stars of the series: Rick Grimes and Negan . Please note, we will base ourselves on the comics released in the US in the following, who do not want to do so may be spoiler stop reading here . While Rick is just about to declare war on the leader of the Saviors, one wonders if the two characters could be allied in the following and if we believe the comics, the answer is yes. This could happen at the end of season 8, after the Saviors and the inhabitants of Alexandria allied with those of Hilltop and the Kingdom fought. As some people know, it is indeed a huge battle that is preparing since the arc in which the series enters is titled “All Out War”.
The numerous teasers of season 7 announce it quite clearly: Rick will go to ask the other two major communities for help to fight against Negan. But after the war and as readers of comics already know, another is preparing even more cruel: those against the Whisperers / Whisperers with Alpha headed . And if the screenwriters continue to follow the intrigues of the original source, Rick could ally with Negan to help him beat them. Indeed it is not death that awaits the great villain but an imprisonment that could well transform it. Morgan’s philosophy had a certain impact on the whole group and especially on Rick, who may well decide to keep Negan alive in order to imprison him and punish him for his actions without killing. So we can almost assure you that Rick and Negan will be allies in the future, or at least as much as possible when you know what Negan inflicted on Rick’s friends and his group at their first meetings. Until we know if it will be the case and if it is in season 8 that will happen, discover a new promo video and all promotional photos of Season 7 of The Walking Dead. What do you think ?