The Walking Dead season 8: Will Rosita be there? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 28 December, 2016

Speculation continues pending the release of Season 7 of The Walking Dead and it is Rosita Espinosa who is interested today.
Yes the meltynautes, even during the holidays speculation and do not stop after we asked if Michonne would be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , is now about Rosita Espinosa, played on screen by Christian Serratos, that we ask the question. As usual, let us partly based on the US comic Robert Kirkman to try whether Rosita will survive, so be careful of spoilers about the plot and the characters in the sequel . The plot of Rosita has already slightly deviated from its paper alter-ego, notably because of the different death of Abraham but also of its relation with Spencer. In the comics, it is from Eugene that Rosita is close and this one has already more than once confessed to her affection. The series also forged strong ties between them, which are seen in particular in Rosita’s way of defending Eugene who fabricated the ball with which she tries to kill Negan.
In the comics, the young woman survives a long time until the arrival of the Whisperers and gets killed by their leader, Alpha, who then puts his head on a spear to form a boundary delimiting their territory. If the series follows the chronology of the comics, one can expect to see Rosita in season 8 of The Walking Dead since the whisperers should not arrive in season 7, unless of course the writers do decide to alter its plot . In any case for the moment she is always present and more resigned than ever to avenge the death of Abraham, even if it means collaborating with Sasha – and all the others. One wonders, however, whether the kidnapping of Eugene, who remains one of her closest friends, is not going to make her try to do something unthinking to come to her rescue rather than wait Places a real assault with Rick, Ezekiel, Maggie and the others.
We also hope – despite the possible clues about the impending death of Sasha later in The Walking Dead – Rosita happen to approach her and form a strong bond to help both overcome death Of Abraham and to avenge it. Whether Rosita or Sasha, their two characters have been developed much to suit the men of their circle and we would like to see them become friends and better acquainted with them as independent women, with their own intrigues. Anyway we especially hope that Rosita will not know the cruel fate reserved for him in the comics so early and waiting to know what will happen to it afterwards, we wondered if Carl could be true hero of the story with a new fascinating theory on the end of the Walking Dead . And you, do you think Rosita could soon die?