The Walking Dead season 8: Will SPOILER be present?

Cinema 20 January, 2017

A few days before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, one continues to question the presence of certain characters in the sequel. Warning, spoilers.
February 12 is soon there and we are already looking forward to returning to Alexandria to see how the survivors will manage to revolt against Negan. So we wondered if there is little Rick would be in grave danger in the sequel to The Walking Dead , based on the US comics, we continue our momentum to be interested in a particular character: Alpha. Beware of the spoilers on comics published in the United States in the following, that those who are not up to date and / or who do not want to know go their way . We have been talking to you about the Whisperers / Whisperers several times and their very next arrival teased by the production of The Walking Dead . It made us wonder if this famous group of big bad guys and his lucky Alpha could arrive in season 8 or if we will wait again the following season.
In the case of Melty, it is rather his opinion that his arrival should not be delayed and that although there is not yet a concrete encounter in season 8, his presence should already be felt. Indeed some promotional images of the series have already made think of this group despite their ambiguity. The series could therefore use the same process as the arrival of Negan in us by learning a little more about the Whisperers in season 8 before actually introducing Alpha in season 9 . Unless of course it does not arrive sooner and we can already see the installation of a new arc of history from the comics in season 8, perhaps in the last episodes. In any case to answer the question asked, everything leans in favor of a “yes” and we will probably know more during the casting calls for season 8. Until then, discover a new photo unseen season 7 Of The Walking Dead that teases yet another community ! And you what do you think ?