The Walking Dead still crushes audiences of other series according to AMC

Cinema 21 May, 2017

In full hiatus between two seasons of The Walking Dead, the director of AMC channels explains why he does not care at all for the series’ hearings.
The filming of Season 8 of The Walking Dead in full swing and waiting until October to see the new episodes, we deliver you the words of Josh Sapan, director of channels at AMC, which is expressed on hearings Series. Wanting to reassure Wall Street analysts about falling numbers – especially for the seventh season – Josh Sapan said: “The series is still very much alive and in shape and we are ready to enjoy it for a long time yet . ” Indeed, in spite of decreasing audiences, The Walking Dead remains strong at the creative level and continues to beat popular series in the United States like The Big Bang Theory or Empire . Despite the departure of four regular actors in season 7:
To counteract all these departures, the AMC series recently promoted three regular actors: Steven Ogg (Simon), Katelyn Nacon (Enid) and Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis), who should therefore have more important roles in the Season 8 . It remains to be seen if the coming seasons will still reverse the trend since it has been some time since the The Walking Dead hearings are down, and if the series is not likely to be canceled soon, its Popularity with the fans suffers. After the arrival of Negan and a Rick on the return, the expectations of the viewers are high and we are eager to see if the series will find the recipe of almost unanimous success that it had a few years ago. In the meantime, We suggest you guess how many actresses have played Judith Grimes since her birth in The Walking Dead . And do you think AMC should worry more?