The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Riverdale, why did they lose?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Some of the competition’s favorites, such as The Walking Dead or Teen Wolf, ended in the quarter-finals. But why did they lose?

On Monday, it was announced that The Vampire Diaries, Gray’s Anatomy and 13 Reasons Why joined the semi-finals! The fans of these shows are obviously delighted. However, there are also unfortunately some losers and some did not expect to leave the competition so quickly. Indeed, the giant The Walking Dead who was however vice champion last year stopped in the quarterfinals bowing to The Vampire Diaries. Teen Wolf, who was one of the best teen shows, saw his dreams take off after confronting Gray’s Anatomy while Once Upon A Time made only one bite of Vikings and 13 Reasons Why beat Riverdale . We know, at this level, all competitors have their chance and some can create surprise. But why did Teen Wolf, Riverdale, Vikings and The Walking Dead lose? In the first game, Beacon Hills were faced with one of the competition giants, Gray’s Anatomy. Teen Wolf struggled particularly hard in the ABC medical show but unfortunately his efforts were not enough. It should be remembered that the series passes on a cable channel and therefore has less visibility compared to Gray’s Anatomy. It was probably that which was fatal because his season 6 was however one of the best show.

We were wondering about the match between The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries. We were wondering if the AMC series was going to pay for its bad season and that’s unfortunately what happened to Rick Grimes. Season 7 has been a big disappointment for the fans, while those of The Vampire Diaries are more motivated than ever to take their favorite show to the final for their last participation in the Series World Cup. As for Once Upon A Time, Vikings had a hard time winning. The Oncers are formidable and simply crushed the historical drama. This does not mean that Ragnar was unworthy of Emma Swan. Finally, there was a very tight match between the two new series of the competition, 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. The Netflix show made a real box as soon as it was launched. If the CW series had convinced a good number of fans to vote for him, Hannah Baker was far too strong for Archie Andrews who can already be pleased to have arrived in the quarterfinals for a first participation. If Season 2 proves so exciting, Riverdale promises to come back much stronger next year.