The Walking Dead: The 7 most hated characters in the series

Cinema 17 June, 2017

After 7 seasons of The Walking Dead, we have attached ourselves to certain characters and much less to others …
We are still waiting for our dose of zombies this fall and while Greg Nicotero was telling us how to improve The Walking Dead in the sequel, today it’s characters we’re going to talk about. For after 7 seasons, we had the opportunity to meet many characters endearing, badass, funny, intelligent or sometimes all at the same time. But The Walking Dead , they are also wicked, cruel, sadistic or unbearable characters . Small selection of the worst characters in the series, which you can obviously lengthen in the comments.
Ed Peletier
Difficult to do worse than an abusive husband and we admit to you that we are rather happy that Ed did not last long in the series. In addition to hitting Carol and being violent with her daughter Sophia, Ed was not known for his kindness to the rest of the group either , refusing to share his resources with the other survivors. In short, a good junk.
Joe is one of those survivors who do not hesitate to kill. Daryl had the misfortune to fall on him but his hard-hitting outsiders surely saved the bet. Yet his encounter with Rick, Michonne and Carl was much more violent and considering his behavior threatening Carl, one can quickly understand why . It is from a bite to the carotid that Rick kills him savagely, good riddance.
Father Gabriel
Not really bad, we can not really say either that Father Gabriel is really nice either. Too fearful to be faithful, one can not deny its evolution over the seasons . But Father Gabriel whom we met in his beginnings did not shine by his courage and even his arrival in Alexandria was not really convincing. Hopefully he continues on the path of redemption in the sequel …
Undeniably one of those villains whom he loves to hate. In the hospital, Dawn made his law of the strongest under guise of kindness and protection. His strange relationship with Beth ended in tragedy and it’s no worse : in addition to killing one of the favorite characters of the fans, Dawn also made Daryl cry, and that we can not forgive.
Morgan is a complex character that is both endearing and annoying. From Rick’s mentor, Morgan went through the paranoid box before integrating the group of survivors and rescuing Carol. But Morgan is also the one who for a long time has refused to accept the harsh truth of a world full of zombies and humans equally violent in advocating nonviolence . On top of that, he seems to have converted Carol, which pushed her to exile again. Not cool Morgan, not cool .
The best actress and treacherous palm comes back to Jadis, who made Rick – and us – believe they had an alliance. No, Negan went through there and she quickly fired Rick and handed him over to the leader of the Saviors . We already know that Pollyanna McIntosh and other actors of The Walking Dead have been promoted regular for season 8 and are eager to see how Rick will avenge this betrayal. And you, who are the characters you like the least?
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