The Walking Dead : the producer, Greg Nigotero explains that he wanted George Romero makes a portion of the series ‘ episodes

Cinema 27 November, 2018






As every year, The Walking Dead for a break in the middle of its season. Also, we took the opportunity to re-balance our critique of the last episode in date of history to keep you informed of how it goes on his side. Spoilers : this is not gege.

It seems every day a little more obvious that The Walking Dead survived only thanks to his aura and the important place that the series has held at the beginning of its release it has been almost 10 years. Watching the show has become a habit, a weekly appointment and the series account clearly there above, at a time when a part of the casting on the trunk and where the hearings were still dropped.


Oh ? The series finally wakes up ?


That said, this break mid-season is also the opportunity to learn a little more about the behind the scenes of the show and in particular, on what was scheduled to be and which unfortunately has never seen the jour. And for that, you can count on Greg Nicotero, supervisor of special effects and, incidentally, co-producer of the series.

Nicotero comes into effect to give the microphone to Entertainment Weekly that he wanted, at one time, that the great George A. Romero is involved in the filming of some episodes :

“You know, we loved the idea of making up George Romero on board. We had spoken with Frank Darabont at the end of season 1. So I spoke to George and I asked him if he would not come to carry an episode. It was just after we aired the first six episodes. So the show was not yet completely installed.


George A. Romero


He told me that no, he was not going to do because we had our world and that it was hers and that it was very much like that. In fact, I think it was mostly in the process of developing new projects around the zombies.”

A very nice story that hides, however, a part of the truth. Because in effect, if Romero had indeed other projects in this area in the course of the road and that their worlds were completely different, although The Walking Dead owes a lot to his work, the truth is a little more croquignolesque.

In fact, Romero was not a very big fan of the series that he had even been called to a time of “soap-opera with a zombie occasionally”. And the worst thing is that you can’t give him really wrong.


Always prefer the original to the copy…