The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars: The Biggest Misfires Series of 2016!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

While the end of the year is fast approaching, the editor of Melty has decided to go into details on all the spoiled ones of our favorite series in 2016!
Small flats! And yes the meltynauts, we vow to them an extreme passion, sometimes the series disappoint us. Whether it is an overly abortive intrigue, an overly predictable event, a too-present couple or a strangely odd scene, it is impossible to be perpetually seduced, despite our overflowing love. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our top 8 of the dead that we should have seen coming , back on large failures this year 2016. And we begin with The Walking Dead which was his comeback ago few weeks on AMC . After having concocted a final season filled with suspense, the fans were terribly impatient to immerse themselves in this first part of season 7. And we will not lie, the Season Premiere was devilishly sympathetic. Unfortunately, after this episode in which we had to bid farewell to two emblematic characters, everything fell like a blow. Okay, Negan is terrifying and cruel but precisely, we would have liked to see more confront the group Rick . Hard not to be disappointed when the big villain had so brilliantly shown who was the boss. Moving from community to community, we could not really focus on what was most important. However, with the war preparing, no doubt we should be satisfied.
In The Vampire Diaries, we were delighted to see that the series was trying its best to fill us before the very end. Unfortunately, and although some plots have really brought a breath of fresh air to the show, one can not help having the Damon Bad enough . Yes, Ian Somerhalder is very talented when it comes to being convincing in the role of the Damon who does not shrink from anything without his humanity but we have already been on this ground dozens of times and it’s time to stop Of wanting to save Damon and to forgive him forever. Let’s cross his fingers, he may have finally been released thanks to Elena’s necklace. Now let’s go to Arrow who gave us a first part of the season with saw teeth. If we are delighted to see that they have refocused on the action, some episodes have almost seemed useless in the face of an incredible final mid-season. The new Team is struggling to replace the old one in our hearts and we are still puzzled by the return of Laurel. Not that we are not happy to see her again but if it is the true Laurel of Earth-1, this is enough to make lose credibility to the team of screenwriters who had nevertheless sworn that she was beautiful and Well dead.
In The Flash, we were particularly disappointed with the duration of Flashpoint. After having teased this very special event all summer, we finally found ourselves with a single episode dedicated to the alternative world created by Barry. A taste all the more bitter when we know how great the potential was to offer spectacular. In fans of the comics, hard not to have felt frustrated by the expedition of this intrigue in spite of the consequences that derive nowadays. Furthermore, Pretty Little Liars truly do not change niche in this last season . By staying on the red wire of a Uber -A determined to try everything to harm our heroines, Marlene King could not offer us much fresh air. Aside from a fantastic scene and performed brilliantly by Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn where the love triangle Spencer / Caleb / Hanna was in full swing, the rest seemed terribly predictable and even boring. Hopefully the last episode of episodes can fix it all. Finally, Once Upon A Time continues to exploit certain characters and leave others aside. So, even if Rumple is an iconic character in the series, no evolution seems to take him to another path and it is so unfortunate that we could not help quoting him. Those are the meltynauts. While waiting for more info, discover the confidences of Stephen Amell who was shocked by Arrow’s season 5 mid-season finale. And you, what was your biggest missed series of 2016?