The Walking Dead VS Gray’s Anatomy: Will the two giants face each other?

Cinema 22 June, 2017

As the 2017 World Cup rages, come and discover if the zombie killers will soon rub themselves with the surgeons!
Yes, it’s gone for good, the 2017 World Cup is launched on melty and you can come vote every day HERE for your favorite series! While we were told a little more about the series in danger a few hours ago, now it is of two mastodons of the television that we will speak: Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead. Doctors at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital on one side, zombie killers on the other, both series have their strengths and perhaps more common points than one might think. Indeed in both cases, the tragedies were numerous and the characters survived the worst situations . But will the favorite series of group A face the most popular group D?
Well in Group A, Gray’s Anatomy remains in the lead despite a tough competition with Orange is the New Black while Arrow and Prison Break are a little more lagging behind. Let fans of the Shonda Rhimes series show up if they want to see Meredith Gray take the next step! On the side of Group D, The Walking Dead dominates without surprise his other 3 competitors: The Originals, Jane the Virgin and Scandal . So it’s good for Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead to get together in the next round and we’ll tell you we’d be curious to see who Rick Grimes or Meredith Gray will attract the most voters. In any case one thing is sure, the competition promises itself without mercy but nothing n ‘ Is still played then to you votes! And you what do you think ?