The Walking Dead vs. Stranger Things: Can Rick Grimes beat the Demogorgon?

Cinema 27 June, 2017

The first round of the 2017 World Cup is over! But can Rick Grimes and company beat Eleven, Mike, Dustin and the whole band?
The competition continues for the 2017 World Cup which begins its second week, and you can vote every day HERE and on Facebook so that your favorite series take the next step. This week in Group 4, they are two giants who compete: The Walking Dead against Stranger Things. In completely different styles, both series have seduced their audience with engaging characters and fascinating fiction plots . For 7 seasons, The Walking Dead follows the adventures of Rick Grimes and his small group who try to survive the zombie apocalypse. With the arrival of Negan at the head of a powerful enemy community, the series began a crucial phase that ”
In front of The Walking Dead we find the novelty of Netflix , Stranger Things, which made the buzz when it came out. With vintage tunes, a soundtrack that plunged straight into the 80s and a band of young as endearing as talented, hard to resist. While Eleven, Mike, Dustin and the others are not as enthusiastic about survival as Rick Grimes, they have proven to be very resourceful when faced with a monster from another world . With Eleven’s help, the whole band of friends has come to the rescue of their friend Will, blocked on the other side, in spite of the Demogorgon ready to attack them. A series halfway between science fiction and horror that gave us thrills during its 8 well-conducted episodes. So the Duffer brothers series has all its chances and it’s up to you to vote if you want to see it beat The Walking Dead ! So who are you going to vote for?