The Walking Dead vs. Stranger Things: Did Eleven deserve to beat Rick?

Cinema 4 July, 2017

The 2017 World Cup continues but without Stranger Things, which was eliminated by fans of The Walking Dead.

The quarterfinals are here and the series still competing in the 2017 World Cup need your support to move on to the next stage! You can vote every day HERE and on Facebook for your favorite series and while waiting to have the next results, a small return on the fierce fight between The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. Rick Grimes on one side, Eleven on the other, some will say that the fight was rather uneven but those who know the strength of Eleven know that in reality, it could squarely beat Rick flat. But the series do not always reflect the life and production Netflix has bowed down to AMC’s flagship series. Yet even if the Walking Dead fanbase is more important, Stranger Things had everything to win. Original intrigue, sympathetic atmosphere and talented casting: well worth deserving a victory.

Because even if The Walking Dead continues to please, we can not deny the inconstancy of season 7 which proved to be much less fascinating than the first season of Stranger Things. But it must be confessed that a little news facing a mastodon like The Walking Dead had little chance of winning. And despite the mobilization of his fans, the results are quite clear as Rick Grimes and company won with 63% of votes against only 37% for Stranger Things. Yet it does not stop us from the side of the underdogs since the competition would have been all the more surprising with an elimination of The Walking Dead. We hope to see Stranger Things come back even stronger next year to somewhat upset the established order that makes things sometimes a little too predictable. While waiting to know how far The Walking Dead will go, we have already wondered if Elena Gilbert had a chance to surpass Rick Grimes in the competition.