The Walking Dead vs. Stranger Things, The Vampire Diaries vs. The Originals: The Choice of the Editor!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup continues to be in full swing on melty, the editor has decided to tell you about his choice for the third and fourth game of the week!
Who will take a new step? Yes, the meltynauts, time passes extremely quickly and you must now mobilize like never if you want to win your favorite show. While some eliminations were completely unexpected at the 2017 World Cup , Melty’s editorial team wanted to take stock of the third and fourth games of this second week of competition and reveal its choice. And believe us, the decision is extremely difficult as we have also become addicted to the adventures of these heroes unlike any other . Let’s go !
The Vampire Diaries vs. The Originals
It is a match at the summit that pits the mother series with its spin-off this week. If the two series of the CW have their qualities and defects, it was necessary to make a choice. While The Vampire Diaries just bows out by offering us a well-crafted and heartbreaking Series Finale, The Originals showed signs of weakness with a fourth season underneath the previous ones. Our choice will therefore be on The Vampire Diaries which currently lives its last World Series Cup . After scoring a whole generation, she deserves to win the title at least once!
The Walking Dead vs. Stranger Things
This is a very close match between the giant The Walking Dead and the Netflix event series, Stranger Things. If we are hardcore fans of The Walking Dead in the editorial, we must admit that we were largely disappointed by the seventh season of the show. Very slow and predictable, this chapter was far from the fireworks that it usually knows. But Stranger Things has established itself as a genuine benchmark for thousands of fans across the globe . For this reason, the editorial board chooses to support it and to set itself deep behind it!
But nothing is yet played, dear meltynauts! If you want your darling to win the 2017 trophy, do not forget to vote every day to allow him to become the only winner of the Series World Cup . Your favorite characters count on you. Who will make your choice during this second week of competition?