The Walking Dead vs. The Vampire Diaries: A win-win game?

Cinema 7 July, 2017

While the Series World Cup is in full swing, is the game between The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead won in advance?

Towards an inevitable victory? Yes, the meltynauts, we entered the third week of competition and the vise tightens for all the series still in competition. While Melty’s editor suggested you see which series were in danger in the 2017 World Cup, some matches seem to have been won in advance. And this is particularly the case of the fight between The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. Great favorite of this tournament, hard to imagine that the inhabitants of Mystic Falls are strong enough to eliminate The Walking Dead in the quarterfinals. Indeed, the fans of AMC’s flagship show are numerous and it is clear that they should fight to allow it to go further.

However, is the Walking Dead really sure to win his game? According to estimates, the series only leads a short head and The Vampire Diaries could very quickly recover the top and this, to the general surprise. If we thought that The Walking Dead was going to make a morsel of his opponents, we were very much mistaken. Is the show paying the broken pots of a season in half-tone and clearly decried by the fans? One thing is certain, nothing is played and now you have to give yourself thoroughly to allow your darling to win his place in the semi final!