The Walking Dead: What would be the worst end for the series? Fans meet!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

While The Walking Dead hearings experiencing substantial declines, fans reveal what would be the worst end for the series!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-2-episodeEspecially not that! As we said, the The Walking Dead hearings suffer significant decreases in fact the question of the end of the series begin to arise. Obviously we’re not there and a season 8 is already confirmed, but the fans showed between mockery, jokes and real concerns, what would be the worst for according to them. One of these purposes would be disastrous in our view, we propose to see Rick waking from a coma in the hospital with Lori and Carl by his side. Because yes, all would be a dream . Another Reddit user suggests: “At the end of season 19, they realize they can not die from a zombie bite.” The theory of immunity still has a bright future and visibly this fan is still considering a dozen season! Wish him to be right. Another fan believes that the worst would end our heroes are zero and that zombie killing all the zombies burn. A spring used in several films and series of science fiction, especially when it comes to extraterrestrial. Fans definitely imagination to spare as the worst end of another would be that “All walkers burn spontaneously and everyone is reconciled with their enemies, because Kirkman lack of ideas.”
Others imagine that the virus would cease to take effect and thus, the zombies again become human, while some imagine an end marked by the death of our hero. Some do not fail to share their cultural references. Indeed, a fan imagine with horror that “Rick made to believe his death is isolated and becomes lumberjack, leaving her child to a killer in recognized series, part of South America” . The reference to Dexter is beautiful, but we have already lived this moment of terror. The series Lost has also scored some who think that our heroes are in Purgatory. We can also read an idea of horrible end that would reveal that everything is just a reality show , as in the film The Truman Show . Another idea has many makes us laugh . “Carl and Judith are captured by Negan and Rick tries to rescue After a long battle, Rick wins the saviors and found Carl in a cell with a neck bite, holding a dead Judith . Rick cry, cry Carl and Rick continues to cry uncontrollably. Suddenly, Carl starts laughing, then Negan and a bunch of walkers appear behind Rick … and all start laughing, Michonne laughed, laughed Eugene, Lori Dale laughed … laughed … Then Shane, Shane who removes his mask, revealing that he actually is Ashton Kutcher. Rick was a victim of the American show Punk’d ” .
The latest hit from the US cable channel HBO also inspires the fans because one of them think “Carl leaves the area of” war “that is The Walking Dead and landed in a different society. He met a few people and asks what’s going latter said to him. ‘welcome to Westworld’ the idea could please us almost ultimately, a Reddit user may have found the worst possible end.. “the series lasts longer than fans are willing to look at her, so she is not renewed and that no conclusion to anything is given! ” the absolute nightmare! with all these ideas, Robert Kirkman know where the fans not want it goes with the Walking dead, whose season 7 could be marked by the death of Carl! What would be the worst end for the series to you?