The Walking Dead: Why the series she never uses the word “zombie”?

Cinema 7 December, 2016

While we never heard the word “zombie” in The Walking Dead, now discover the real reason!
Finally an explanation! While we currently ask if Negan could kill Judith in season 7 of The Walking Dead, it is a question we ask ourselves from the very first episode: Why The Walking Dead never uses the word “zombie” ? We heard walkers, biting, of prowlers, floats, emaciated, and even geeks … but they never zombies. Fortunately, after years of unbearable suspense, Robert Kirkman is here to explain why. Thus, in a recent issue of Conan O’Brien , the creator of the saga explained that the real reason why the zombies are not zombies called by any of the characters is that the zombies do not exist in the world of The Walking Dead before the onset of the epidemic . He says .? “Well, knowledge about the zombies are very popular We wanted to avoid this notion of ‘Hey, why this character is not he pulls in the head zombie He necessarily seen all these movies that I ‘saw’. We wanted to give you the impression that the Walking Dead takes place in a world where the zombie fiction does not exist ” .
Information that means that films like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead do not exist for our heroes. He continues: “Person of ‘The Walking Dead’ has seen a film by George Romero, therefore they can not know the rules from them the fact that the characters do not use this word to mark. a difference, to make things a little clearer ” . However, Robert Kirkman zombie still uses the word in all its scripts , as he does know: ‘I always talk about zombies show myself. Even in scenarios, it’s just in the dialogues that we do not use that word ” . The season 8 of The Walking Dead, for which we wonder if Carl will be present , may well offer us new words for these zombies. What do you think of this explanation?