The Weekend and Selena Gomez as a couple, a joint album for 2017?

Together for a few months, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd share the same passion, that of music. Will we have the right to a common project?
The year 2016 ended rather badly for Selena Gomez , who had to cancel the end of her world tour after falling ill and suffering from a small depression. But his big comeback at the 2017 American Music Awards ceremony gave him a second wind. A few days later, she appeared on the arm of her new lover, the singer The Weeknd, who cartoons with her Starboy album . What better than a new darling to find a smile? “The tour is one of the moments when I feel the loneliest, my confidence in me shaken, I was depressed, anxious, I started to have panic attacks, and basically I did not feel pretty good” She explained to Vogue US recently . But now, the beautiful brunette is more motivated than ever.
Very close and accomplices, the two lovebirds enjoy their romance. In fact, Selena Gomez has reached a milestone by meeting the mother of her favorite singer in Toronto. With this new equilibrium found, we think that the two stars will necessarily concoct a little collaboration . We secretly hope that Abel Tesfaye, of his real name, takes his fiancee to the studio to make us dance on the beach this summer. The ex-star of Disney wants to hit hard for her return, she who was preparing an album a few months ago. What better than singing with the one who convinced the Daft Punk to regain the light? Moreover, it is murmuring that The Weeknd would already work on a project in parallel
Totally inseparable, the two lovers offered themselves a movie night in Toronto , the hometown of the singer. All these indications lead us to believe that a joint album could be born in 2017 . In addition, the voices of the two world stars would be perfect together. Even if nothing has been confirmed and the two artists have not been seen leaving a studio, we keep hope and hope to be surprised by their talent. It would still be a pity not to take advantage of the buzz around their couple to promote a first joint project, which could be the first of a long list. And you, would you like a common album?
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