The Weekend and Selena Gomez as a couple: Bella Hadid provokes her ex?

Entertainment 6 February, 2017

While The Weeknd is currently in couple with Selena Gomez, his ex Bella Hadid trying to provoke the singer?
Bella Hadid has been single for a few months. The supermodel and The Weeknd broke last November after several months of relationship . The singer however quickly found the love in the arms of another star of the song, Selena Gomez. This couple was formed so quickly after breaking the interpreter of the interpreter of “Starboy” and Bella Hadid that has surprised everyone including the model itself. If the mannequin was devastated, it seems to recover from the hair of the beast. Indeed, it always appears increasingly sexy via its account Instagram. Bella Hadid did not hesitate to show her ass and maddened the Web. She unveiled her perfect curves in swimsuit indented or in transparent dress. Does this have to do with The Weeknd?
If The Weeknd is currently dating Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid is still in love with her ex-boyfriend. After parade in underwear at Victoria’s Secret fashion show in front of the singer, Bella Hadid she trying to provoke Weeknd? Some rumors suggest that the young woman would try to recover it. One thing is for sure, she seems to want to show her former boyfriend that he has lost a very sexy woman. That should not really rob the poor Selena Gomez who recently showed in a thong and the manikin competed by showing themselves in transparent panties . However, The Weeknd seems to have really turned the page Bella Hadid and took full advantage of her vacation with her new girlfriend. And do you think Bella Hadid wants to provoke The Weeknd?