The Weekend: Sidewalks feat Kendrick Lamar, Attention … What titles of Starboy could become the tube of summer?

Entertainment 24 June, 2017

Summer is finally here and The Weeknd could well release a last tube from Starboy. We bet on “Sidewalks”, his featuring with Kendrick Lamar!
He did not say his last word! While it was thought that The Weeknd was going to calm down a little with the approach of summer, it would seem that the singer of 27 years decided otherwise. Indeed, to continue trussing the first places of the charts, the interpreter of “Can not Feel My Face” is quite capable of releasing a seventh extract of his album Starboy . This new single would follow “Starboy”, “I Feel It Coming”, “Party Monster”, “Reminder”, Rockin ‘” and ” Secrets .
Released on November 25, the album Starboy is still in the Top 20 of the best sales of records in the United States . In short, it continues to carton. Unfortunately, level passing in radio and streaming, after the boxes of “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming” , the singer has difficulty to reconnect with success on the single side. The ones he unveiled after “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming” are far from reaching the same highs. Moreover, none of them has managed to find the perfect niche and therefore to impose itself in the ears of the public. And while Rihanna and Ariana Grande are part of our playlist to survive a heatwave , It’s a safe bet that the next single from The Weeknd will be a featuring. Unveiled a week ago, the clip of “Secrets” does not work miracles and could require a quick replacement. From then on, the most obvious choice would be “Sidewalks”, his famous featuring with Kendrick Lamar .
Knighted almost surreal by the critics and the public to the release of his disc DAMN ., Kendrick Lamar is what is commonly called the most prominent rapper of the moment . And by chance, the audience was very receptive to their duo last November. To get the summer off to a good start, The Weeknd could be tempted to enter the charts by the big door. And while Katy Perry’s Witness album made a much sharper start than Taylor Swift’s 1989 album , The Weeknd has everything to gain from playing Kendrick Lamar’s current hype for fans all summer long. But “Sidewalks” is not the only option!
So, to rekindle the laziness with his public, he could come out “Attention”, an extremely sensual and explicit piece . And after reviewing the new Selena Gomez album , note that the ballad “Die For You” would not be a bad choice. Romantic at will, the piece is reminiscent of “Earned It”, one of its biggest boxes. Finally, it should be remembered that “Nothing Without You” has a rather consistent tube potential and that “Stargirl” can become quite a single if The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey choose to record a long version of this interlude. What do you think about the Starboy album?
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