The Weeknd: Selena Gomez much too sexy to her liking?

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

Is there a storm in the air? The Weeknd would be more and more uncomfortable with the sexy side of Selena Gomez and he would even have launched an ultimatum …
The stars have not finished surprising us. For proof, when Nina Dobrev reveals ultra sexy on the Web, the Net surfers react and praise the beauty of the young woman. Currently in Hawaii as part of the project Our Planet 360 , the pretty brunette maddened her fans with her dream body. Yes, the actress knows how to climb the temperature on social networks. And she’s not the only one ! Many celebrities are making the buzz. Just like Selena Gomez . For some time, the singer made sensation on the net. Since his big return to the front of the media scene, his look seems to have evolved and his outfits are hotter than the others. In other words, At each of its public appearances with The Weeknd , it does not go unnoticed. But does this sexy side really please her boyfriend?
According to the latest information relayed by OK! Magazine , The Weeknd which is part of the kings of streaming , would have a small problem with the look of his girlfriend Selena Gomez that would be too sexy to his liking. According to an American tabloid source, the Canadian singer would prefer his darling to dress more traditionally . And he would even have issued an ultimatum. “Abel told her that he prefers when she has a more serious look.This is one of the conditions for their relationship to work.The fact that Selena unveils her chest under high transparencies is not necessary for him.
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