The Weeknd: Selena Gomez pregnant? The couple have fun rumors

Entertainment 14 May, 2017

For a few days, the rumors of a possible future baby between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd fuse! And yet, this does not seem to be at all in the plans of the couple for the moment … What to laugh at for both artists!
The couple that form The Weeknd and Selena Gomez is THE love story undeniable this year 2017. In any case, it can be said that it is nice to see the interpreter of “Is not Me” in a better form but Especially happy lovingly! Because it’s undeniable, Selena Gomez is more than happy with the singer, we were once again able to see it last week when they climbed the stairs at the Met Gala while they appeared somewhat shy but Totally in love. So cute! If the fans of Selena Gomez are love of The Weeknd and the happiness that it gives to their favorite singer, they are not the only ones since his family would be just as much under the charm of Abel , especially the mother of the latter. Completely in love with each other, would the two lovebirds already be able to move up a gear? Faced with the rumors of pregnancy Selena Gomez, the couple in laughing well!
Selena Gomez pregnant with The Weeknd? A big scare was avoided a few weeks ago … A source close to the singer had confided that there had been a small forgetting during a night of love. Despite this, pregnancy rumors continue to run on the couple! Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, according to a source close to the couple who told Hollywood Life : “Selena laughs completely at these baby rumors and pregnancy. She and Abel not the desire , Nor the intention, to start a family … They are far too young (…) Selena would not want to start a family without being closer, without talking about marriage . Which is not wrong ! Just a few months ago that their two singers are together, no need to rush the things see. Even if we imagine that small Seli and little Abel, it could be adorable! In any case, it is not for now … Do you support the couple Selena Gomez / The Weeknd?
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