The Weeknd tackled by Justin Bieber, will he react?

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

While Justin Bieber recently tackled The Weeknd, many surfers are wondering if the boyfriend Selena Gomez will react!
It’s the couple that has been buzzing lately. Since Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were seen kissing at the exit of a restaurant in Santa Monica , the Web is kindled. And for good reason ! No one expected the two celebrities to be so complicit. But while most fans are delighted, others do not seem to appreciate this rapprochement . And they are not the only ones! Just like Justin Bieber who recently Clashe Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd . Besides, you could not miss out on this video that went around the web. Asked by paparazzi at the exit of a nightclub, the interpreter of “Sorry” did not hesitate to say that the music of the singer was “lame.” A comment that did not fail to react on the social networks because many fans were disappointed by the comments of the Biebs. But could it be that The Weeknd is talking about this tackle? It’s possible !
If we know the strong character of Justin Bieber , The Weeknd it is more discreet. The Canadian singer continues his little journey in the musical industry, chains the tubes and stays away from the polemics. For proof, it is rare to see it appear in One of the American tabloids. Therefore unclear whether the interpreter of “Can not Feel My Face” will respond to the challenge of the Biebs. Yet when we look at the career of the artist, we note that it has already sintered with Drake . The reason ? Abel chose not to sign the label Drizzy while the latter helped launch his career. From then on, the two rappers clashed in songs. Could this be the way Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend plans to meet Justin Bieber? Stay tuned . In any case, if it is still unclear what the reaction of the artist, know that The Weeknd is invincible in the industry. Besides, it beats all the records on the Billboard 200. According to you, The Weeknd he will react?