The Weeknd Toxic for Selena Gomez? Her family is afraid for her!

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

Is Selena Gomez putting her health at risk with The Weeknd? That is the question everyone is asking. Moreover, the family of the singer would be very worried …
Nothing is better for our celebrity friends. According to new rumors, Tristan Thompson would use Khloé Kardashian to its popularity. But they are not the only ones to make the buzz on the Web. For Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are definitely feeling on social networks. While no one expected it, the two celebrities confirmed their relationship. A real shock for their fans. And then they look to take full advantage of their new romance, the family of the singer deeply worry for her. The reason ? During his youth Abel Tesfaye has consumed a lot of drugs . An important detail of his life that he never hid. Only now that he lives a romance with Selena Gomez , relatives of the latter are afraid she could be tempted and that, although the singer is now clean. Yet his parents would fear for his health … As you know the interpreter of “Hands To Myself” is suffering from lupus and has barely make his return from rehab. Therefore, drinking or smoking would really not be a good mix for the star.
Does Selena Gomez endanger her health by staying with The Weeknd? According to a source who was speaking to Radar Online, the question does not even arise : “Many people who are close to him think that their relationship is toxic.” Because yes, you did not know, perhaps, but in December 2016, the Canadian artist entrusted the Guardian have needed drugs hard to create his new album Starboy . “I’ll be totally honest with you. For my last two albums, I had to dive. I used drugs as a crutch, support. (…) It’s like an escape,” he confided At the time. A behavior that clearly did not help reassure the relatives of Selly. Moreover, the latter would be prepared to do anything to protect her. “Selena Friends and family want to organize an intervention before it is too late,” added the informant. Hopefully when the young woman of 24 years will pay attention to it . But far fears of his relatives, Selena Gomez took advantage of his relationship with The Weeknd. The proof, they flew for a romantic holiday in Italy. In your opinion, is The Weeknd a health hazard for Selena Gomez?