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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Anne-Marie Périer married with Michel Sardou in 1999, while Anne-Marie Perrier married Jean-Pierre Raffarin in 1980. The two women of different backgrounds should not be confused, even if they have (almost) the same name.

Michel Sardou file the perfect love with Anne-Marie Périer, his wife since 1999. The journalist, ex-editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, should not be confused with Anne-Marie Perrier, who is the wife… of Jean-Pierre Raffarin ! The two women have names that are homonyms phonetic. They are evolving, yet in two very different worlds : between the singer and the former Prime minister, it is a world that separates them.

The first comes from a milieu of artists, and began his career in music in the early 1960s. He is quickly crowned with success : The “les Bals populaires”, The disease of love, The France I’m gonna love you, a woman, or even The Lakes of Connemara monopolize the top of the Top 50 in France. In 1999, when he married Anne-Marie Perier, in third wedding, its popularity is undeniable : his audience remains loyal to the singer of now 70 years old. The multi-talented artist also likes the comedy, while surfing always on the success of the French song.

Fun coincidence : the mayor, who has kingdom Michel Sardou with Anne-Marie Périer is Nicolas Sarkozy, who was then minister of the Interior in the government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the husband of Anne-Marie Perrier. It is married with the policy in the early 1980s, together they had a daughter named Fleur, born in 1952. A life at the top of the State, far from the glitz of show-business.

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