The wine, it is good for the heart !

Health 2 February, 2018


Published the 02.02.2018 at 14: 00


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Good for the heart, good for the skin, good against deafness, the red wine would be very beneficial for the body. When it is consumed in moderation, of course. For many years, scientists interested in the virtues of this beverage. All do not agree on its benefits. But a new study, published in Science Daily, shows once again that the red wine may be good for the health especially for the heart. Anti-oxidants present in the drink would help to fight against cardio-vascular diseases.

Two antioxidants are good for the heart

The research was conducted within the University of Louisiana, in the United States. In the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the most common technique used is angioplasty, a technique which allows to modify a blood vessel. Often, doctors insert a stent in the vessel to strengthen it. However, this tool releases the chemotherapeutic agents that can be toxic. The american scientists are working on a new stent that frees him of the antioxidants found in wine : resveratrol and quercetin. Disseminated gradually over a long period of time, they help prevent clotting, and inflammation. This technique allows you to prevent a new blockage of the blood vessels.

Scientists are developing a balloon system with the same anti-oxidants to treat peripheral arterial disease. These diseases are hard treatable with the angioplasty classics.

The need to drink in moderation

To take advantage of the benefits of red wine, it should not exceed two drinks per day. Importantly, this consumption, in order to be beneficial, must be integrated in a mode of wine healthy: a balanced diet, physical exercise, good quality sleep, not smoking, etc, No question of drinking in disproportionate quantity and to neglect these other aspects, if not the red wine loses all its benefits !