The Witcher : the series-Netflix begins its hearings, and two names are already out

Cinema 27 August, 2018






Saga the video game for inter-generational and, especially, ultra-popular, series The Witcher is extremely expected at the turn. Not the right to the error.

For some time, rumours were rife about the casting of the series The Witcher, each one emitting a cheerful small assumptions on the actors, and actresses, who will be recruited (Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, or even Viggo Mortensen). But in the shadow, the production has already begun already to pass first auditions.


Geralt ready to face the critics


For the time being, the information revealed around the series can be counted on the fingers of one hand : the first season will have eight episodes, the script for the pilot is already finished, and Henry Cavill was hypothesized to want to interpret Geralt of Riv, just as Mark Hamill would like to camp Vesemir. Otherwise, no information on the cast had been unveiled by the members of the production.

However, a few days ago, the site Geeks WorldWide has managed to get their hands on casettes of two hearings, via Omega Underground, an actor playing Géralt, and an actress for the role of Yennefer. Although these do not represent the final result, since it is only testing, they show already a first glimpse of what would Lauren Schmidt, creator of the series.



There is a small resemblance to the hair


So we can see the american actor (and completely unknown) Michael McIntyre, say a few lines of dialogue in the skin of the Butcher of Blaviken. What is interesting to note, is that the actor, although it is well known in the world of the cinema (and could have a nice tramplin if he had the role) retains his american accent. This could imply that the cast is international and that the showrunneuse of the series seek not only actors/actresses of Polish origin.

Yennefer, as it is interpreted in videos by Sarah Wylie. An actress it is also unknown who made a brief appearance in Lincoln and the Hunger Games : The conflagration. With the casting now open, it is necessary to expect a rain of auditions. Now all that remains is to wait to know the happy elected.

It should be noted that the filming of the series is scheduled to start on 5 November in Budapest, and continued in Slovakia and then in South Africa. It is expected to be completed by may next. The series shouldn ‘t be out before 2020 on Netflix.


Still smiling