The worst scrapes of the television series!

Cinema 21 May, 2017

In the series there are the gentiles but there are also the bad guys and those can be so sadistic that some have become squarely iconic!
Sadism hello! Yes, the meltynauts, if you play the series, it is also for their great villains. Torture, humiliation and hypocrisy galore, some of them have mastered the art of putting sticks in the wheels to courageous and endearing heroes . But sometimes, these assholes offer us moments of television so strong that we can not help but take our foot and adore them. Whether it’s a black humor, an organized stoned lapidation or a guy who’s a bit stamped that baptized his baseball bat, they all have a place in our hearts. While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover the list of all these heroes who have joined the dark side ,
Negan (The Walking Dead)
The new Big Bad of The Walking Dead seems to be supposed to be a huge sadist hiding behind his leather jacket and red bandanna. Not content with blowing up Glenn and Abraham’s face, he has been torturing our Daryl for weeks. In the midst of her harem of women, Negan is afraid of nothing and nobody and her favorite pastime is to cramer innocent faces or not elsewhere. Nevertheless, one can not deny how its arrival in the show simply revolutionized the intrigues . As long as Lucille does not come near us, we will not complain!
Adrian Chase (Arrow)
Rarely had a wicked Arrow been twisted. In addition to orchestrating Billy’s murder for Green Arrow to shoot deadly, he was also able to torture Oliver for days. Evil, unscrupulous and cruel, Adrian Chase was not hesitating a second to kill his wife. That immediately ranks him among the worst assholes in television. For if Darhk counted his family as his main weak point, Prometheus has no attachment for anyone . But then, how to destroy a monster who loves nothing and nobody? We leave you gamberger!
Carrie (The Scott Brothers)
Nounou Carry is undoubtedly the most creepy baby-sitters of the series. Madly crazy, the young woman first set her sights on Nathan before fucking a big cable by kidnapping Jamie at the wedding of Lindsey and Lucas (a fiasco in itself). But she will not stop there and even decide to take Dan away and torture him with a fork in his hand or making him swallow cockroaches. We had been told that she was ultra sympathetic to Carrie . Fortunately, Debbie took advantage of a good bottle to give her the ideas in place. Like what, alcohol can sometimes help!
Kai Parker – The Vampire Diaries
In the sadism department, we should not forget our good old Kai who officiated on the CW . So nice that he did not hesitate to kill his twin sister when she came to marry and she was pregnant. Worst of all? It is that we never really managed to blame him so much the guy is funny, spiritual and downright cheerful! Yeah, it’s the devil himself and he threw the worst possible fate to Elena and Bonnie but who cares? A class like that, it really is not invented! We’re still not spitting on one of the best characters in The Vampire Diaries, though?
Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones)
We are not going to lie, Ramsay is perhaps the worst of all but it is also why he makes us kiffer. Game of Thrones without him, it would have been limited to a health walk. We want trash, blood, torture and cruelty. And on this side, little Bolton will have filled us up . Good okay, he was awful with Theon, he killed all his little family but basically, we love him as he is. True Story, guys!
Hank Moody (Californication)
Hank does not know how to keep his penis in his pants and although he is crazy in love with Karen, he has many difficulties to be the type although she would like him to be. Between his sexual relationship with Mia, a 16-year-old teenager and her various slips, Hank does not seem to be exemplary but that’s what we like about him. Without complex, he tries to deceive his loneliness and his wounds as he can . We will not blame him. On the other hand, you can also find the list of all these series that make us want to see our friends!