The Young Pope: Deciphering the credits of the series with Jude Law

Cinema 18 November, 2016

Enter privy with generic decryption of The Young Pope. Music and paintings chosen by Paolo Sorrentino best define the divine series with Jude Law.

canal-the-young-pope-paolo-sorrentino-judeThe Young Pope is a rich and splendid work . It is almost certain that a second viewing will be needed after the end of Season 1, next week, to enjoy the splendor of this universe. And it starts from the generic. Canal +, producer and broadcaster of the series of Paolo Sorrentino, has released small friendly videos to unveil its mysteries . We can see the Pope nouvellemement move in slow motion in a corridor where works are hung on the wall with a meteor which follows from picture to picture before crashing into a statue (the false airs of John Paul II) . These paintings have a story and created scandals in their time. The director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino has therefore not chosen at random and fun facts from the Canal + to offer mini-quiz to guess which shocked the faithful and the Catholic Church at the time. Beware, you may be surprised by the answers! As much as you’ll be by the dramatic events of episodes 7 and 8 of The Young Pope whose criticism is to read more.
This generic, very elegant and gives the fashionable glance, reflects anyway irreverent wit and pizzazz of the series with Jude Law . It is the same with the song selected by the Italian director. During this trip of Pope Pius XIII, one can enjoy the sound of Devlin with Ed Sheeran in featuring. This is his piece “Watchtower” . Certainly the instrumental version but it is indeed the same title. You hand? This choice of title was rap heralding a sharp and offbeat soundtrack. One of the highlights of The Young Pope, we found 5 gifs that should convince you to watch the series , is still the use of “Sexy and I know it” LMFAO while Jude Law is clothed in its finery. You love what degree this generic of the Young Pope?