The Young Pope: Episodes 5 and 6, Pope Pius XIII and Mister Lenny, our criticism

Cinema 8 November, 2016

With these new episodes, 5 and 6, The Young Pope offers us an exciting diving in the privacy of his Pope Pius XIII played by the always divine Jude Law.

canal-hbo-sky-the-young-pope-serie-jude-lawPope Pius XIII and Mister Lenny is a little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Sorrentino. If from the beginning of the series we wondered: “? But who are you Pius XIII” , episode 5 of the series of Paolo Sorrentino answers to another question also crucial. With an almost unprecedented softness, The Young Pope leads us to wonder about the cardinal Lenny Belardo. Through flashbacks, the Italian director takes us in the footsteps of his character before he became Pope that terrifying. Who is Lenny Belardo? It all starts in a dream. Lenny, dressed in her white gown short night in the Vatican streets in pursuit of his parents. They ride on a boat and drop on the dock. That recurring nightmare haunting Lenny even more since he became the Pope as we have already seen in episodes 3 and 4 of The Young Pope, whose criticism is reading about melty . This still vivid injury is what best defines Lenny Belardo. The orphan suffers from neglect. Young, with Dussollier, now Cardinal, he even tried to run away to find them. He finished his steps to return sheepishly to snuggle in the skirts of Sister Mary. Meanwhile, always with the same gentleness, Sorrentino finally shows us the meeting of the two men. Searching for cigarettes, Dussollier and Belardo flee the papal palace without any escort, creating a mini-crisis in the Vatican. The return of the two men, while Sister Mary awaits them on the porch, is one of the scenes most moving of the series . It’s as if nothing had changed, it’s like when they were little …
Unfortunately, as recalled Lenny, he became Pope. And nothing is the same. This nocturnal journey in sublime Rome leads the Pope to do what he repelled since his election. He finally address the cardinals. And there, the beauty and the sweetness of the episode disappear as soon as Pope Pius XIII installs on his divine throne. Jude Law is terrifying in this long scene . He recites his monologue with a cold madness, a threatening tone and divine authority. It almost would regret to see that Lenny is not. Although Pius XIII has good sides (this week, it helps and forgives Esther and Bishop Gutierrez and provides a position value to his lifelong friend Cardinal Dussollier, played by Scott Shepherd ), it freaked everyone. It is not the secretary of the Vatican that will contradict us. The shenanigans Voeillo are discovered and Pope puts his thank you. The scene of the shoe to kiss after the speech is to be humiliating for the character . But at least there will think twice before attacking again to Pius XIII.
This is a lesson that should have Voiello share with the Italian Prime Minister. In episode 6, which is a temporary jump of 9 months, Pope Pius XIII received in audience the newly elected head of the Italian government. The face-to-face stretched between the two men is illuminating the links between the Catholic Church and the Italian state. This time, if Paolo Sorrentino judge denies the Church, as admit Jude Law in an interview he gave for promoting The Young Pope where he also said he hopes the series will create debate , there is here a rather severe criticism of the relations between the Vatican and the Italian government . These new episodes are again very successful and we are still overwhelmed by the beauty and energy of The Young Pope . Jude Law is simply divine; it is touched by grace . This is truly its most inhabited performance. Jude Law can thank Paolo Sorrentino for the role, for the series. One can only be in love with this masterpiece. How did you find these episodes of The Young Pope?