The Young Pope: Episodes 7 and 8, the Pope made a crisis of faith, our review!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

The Young Pope approaches the end of its season and the crisis of faith of Pius XIII has never been so tenacious. The beautiful episodes 7 and 8 of the series with Jude Law shaking the young pope.

canal-hbo-sky-the-young-pope-serie-jude-lawPope Pius XIII imposed his will on the Catholic Church. In episodes 5 and 6 of The Young Pope, whose criticism is of melty , he virtually controlled the Cardinals and the kissing scene the shoe was the climax. The Vatican should have remained in place but the Cardinals are rebelling especially that due to new recruitment measures empty benches seminars. The Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Voiello plotting again in the back of the Pope and who cares if it must suffer the consequences. It therefore combines the Cardinal Spencer, mentor Lenny, with the promise to get elected pope following the resignation of Pius XIII. The pope is very ill, his crisis of faith is becoming more violent . His confessor and spy finally decided to talk to Sister Mary. Neither one nor two, that which has been a mother to Lenny knows what to do. Too bad, if it should hurt him for him to get better. So she sends to the Pope, the missing part of the pipe from his father. Feverish and impatient, he hopes to finally find her parents who abandoned child. What is beautiful with this episode is that suffering terribly with Lenny . The director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino makes us feel its terrible sentence to his disillusionment. We want to take him in our arms.
Besides, it is the case for these two important episodes. The pope was isolated from everyone and he has driven his best friend, the cardinal Dussollier. Desperate by the actions of his adopted brother, Andrew supports nothing more. After the attempted rape of which he was a victim, he decided to retire. He makes his Cardinal costume and returned home to Honduras. He should not have. He eventually killed by a drug dealer he did cuckold. Similarly, Esther and her husband decide to flee in the night the Vatican city to get out of the grip of Pius XIII. Abandoned by all, increasingly challenged by the faithful, he considered resignation. Until Sister Mary and her gather to mourn Andrew. The episode 7 The Young Pope is one of the most melancholy season episodes. Lenny discomfort through the 46 minutes with force. It’s hard to remain unmoved by the pain of the young Pope. Jude Law is still and always exceptional.
In episode 8, Pope fights his spleen in his summer residence. He tries to chase her grief and pain. For the good of all, he finally decides to change direction. On the advice of Sofia, he will make his first papal visit and share in Africa in a country ruled by a dictator where a nun is trying to build a haven for the population. This trip far from the Vatican will be beneficial and Pius XIII, hidden as it still does not want to show to the public, will deliver a wonderful speech on peace and the need to accept the other . It’s upsetting and it takes a particular meaning in the current global context. The Young Pope, which vou recommends 5 gifs , broadcasts a sublime message and should take the seed. There is therefore as a change in the attitude of Pius XIII which is nice to see even if we see that we should not upset him. He turns to God to punish the nun who condone the dictatorial regime and prevented the people to have access to water if it had no counterpart. As more several times in the season, so we are witnessing a new miracle and it becomes clear that Lenny was done to become Pope. You just hope he has found the right track and it will accomplish the good . Sister Mary believes in him and us. So, you liked those episodes 7 and 8 of The Young Pope? Ready by the end of next week on Canal +?