The Young Pope: Episodes 9 and 10, the last miracles of Pope Pius XIII, our criticism

Cinema 22 November, 2016

The Young Pope, it’s over. The series with the divine Jude Law ended with two moving episodes and appeased the early season. Enjoy the last miracles of Pope Pius XIII.

canal-the-young-pope-paolo-sorrentino-judeThe transformation of Pope Pius XIII continues. Slowly but surely, the young Pope exchange, he gets better, he finally opens to others. After the loss of his adoptive brother in episodes 7 and 8 of The Young Pope, which you can find criticism of melty , Lenny is facing a new mourning. It is his spiritual father, friend and mentor, Cardinal Spencer dies. The death scene is shocking and Jude Law moves us ever. It will have enormous repeated for 5 weeks but the British actor is just exceptional . He found Lenny in his best role and we must thank him for his performance. The death of Cardinal Spencer ends to complete the transformation of the pope. He has more than Sister Mary but it makes him free. It sends direct orphanages in Africa because it does not prevent other children to enjoy the beautiful presence of the nun. Fortunately for him, he can count on Cardinal Gutierrez it promotes private secretary . It emerges from these last episodes of season 1, a gentle atmosphere, soothed and melancholy. It’s hard not to have a tear in his eye .
Pope isolated himself at the beginning of the series and now it surrounds those who trust in him, to those who support it without talking to her openly. Pius XIII done good around him. His confidant / spy was promoted to cardinal, Sofia convinces him to reveal to the public at little small and the Cardinal Gutierrez changed his mind on his positions with which they were put back to the faithful. There is d Besides the exciting discourse on abortion, homosexuality and pedophilia within the Church in these last episodes . The director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino, the man behind the series, book an important ideological battle. The Catholic Church should be inspired. Always visually sublime, always carried by a divine music, the series will mark the minds of all with the end of the season. This is the last button that confirms the quality masterpiece The Young Pope. You can also find cracking the generic, just as great.
The last speech Lenny is once again touching. And the season ends with a malaise of the Holy Father as he thinks having seen his parents in the crowd. Before the eyes of thousands of believers and believers, to relatives of the papal palace, he collapses. Fortunately for us, even though nothing is confirmed, we know that Paolo Sorrentino working on Season 2 of The Young Pope . That’s what we somewhat reassured about the future of the divine series with Jude Law. Anyway as Lenny performs miracles throughout the season and his life, let’s hope he makes it a last returning for 10 new episodes. This last scene still finds a beautiful episode, moving and intense. We can not help being afraid for the Pope, for all its faults, it is undeniable that we love our Lenny . Amen So moved the meltynautes?