The Young Pope: The 5 gifs which show the need to meet Pope Pius XIII!

Cinema 11 November, 2016

The Young Pope a hit all over Europe and if you do not watch the series, we have 5 gifs to make you want to follow the adventures of Pope Pius XIII.
Divine series of Paolo Sorrentino’s inratable and despite a subject that can be put off a lot of people, do not be afraid to venture into. Why ? Because it’s beautiful, it’s smart and there is Jude Law who delivers the performance of his career. The episodes 5 and 6 of The Young Pope, whose criticism is to read about melty , yet the show. The British actor is simply excellent. But then he is helped by his complex character, funny, ironic and unpredictable. It was also for you 5 gifs that should make you want to go and meet without leaving your couch .
The film director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino is tinged with bitter humor. It’s funny but it stings. The Young Pope, his first series, is no exception to the rule . We laughed and smiled a lot before the extravagances of this Pope deadpan and a sharp tongue. If Pius XIII offers very funny moments, it is not the only one to be a racy character. The Pope is surrounded with Sister Mary or the Voiello cardinal.
The pope Paolo Sorrentino ‘s very unsettling. It has a very clear vision of what he wants for the Catholic Church, at the risk of alienating the Roman Curia, politicians or even more incredible, the faithful. He does not care to know what they think of him and his actions. It even has a sharp eye on the people. Pius XIII and Paolo puppeteer lead us to reflection with The Young Pope and it is very valuable to be intellectually shaken by this series.
The series is about the relationship of faith and we must admit that the former Cardinal Lenny Belardo with God is not the simplest possible . Many times in the episodes aired on Canal + Monday night, Pius XIII made us understand that he no longer believed or not at all in God, he felt alone, terribly alone with the task of leading the Church. He is still waiting for help from the Holy Spirit.
We thought the wink was corny. But one must admit that when Jude Law turns to us in the end credits for this glance, one succumbs . There is a kind of intimacy that develops between him and us. It falls on under his spell and that’s the best gif that can be found on the series. Besides, if these gifs have not convinced you to take a look at the series, do the test to find out if you need to watch The Young Pope. Convinced?