The Young Pope: What we want to see in Season 2!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

The Young Pope series is hardly conclude that we already see the end. We also know what we want to see in Season 2!

canal-hbo-sky-the-young-pope-serie-jude-lawLenny is gone. He left us for a few months after two episodes, 9 and 10, whose critical is beautiful to read about melty . But rest assured, Season 2 of The Young Pope is officially announced for 2018 on Canal + . Pope Pius XIII has just made a new miracle! We will have the answer to the cliffhanger that ended season 1 which is a new masterpiece signed by the director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino. First round, first master stroke. But it must be said that price shovel in the pocket, one could only expect a series … divine! It only remains to hope that The Young Pope will stand the test of season 2 and will continue to tape us to our chair. Besides, we have 3 things we would like to see in these new episodes.
We want to see the Pope take a walkabout . Lenny has a very special vision of his papacy and he cut believers and believers, at the risk of the escape of the churches. The young pope has put the Catholic Church in an uncomfortable situation, and even the Cardinals tried to plotting to replace it, just to save the Vatican. Throughout the season, Lenny has mellowed but he still has not shown his face in public, he still has not taken a walkabout, he is not the pope of the same people are there thinks only of himself. So we would see continued its metamorphosis and finally take the measure of the importance of what it really is for the faithful.
We want to see the Pope abroad . Pius XIII will have done little to travel in other countries and we want to see more out of the comfort of the Vatican. Its passage by the African countries experiencing a dictatorship gave one of the finest speeches of Lenny and just to see the new, we want Paolo Sorrentino sends his young pope in other countries, sends to other lands and to other themes as strong as that of his trip to Africa. We would like to see Pius XIII in Syria, for example, to see what he could say about the current situation.
Finally, in this season 2, we want to see Lenny return to the scene of his childhood . Abandoned by his parents, he was sent to the orphanage of Sister Mary and fingers crossed for the Pope returns, along with the good sister, in this place dear to his heart. It is also necessary that sees Cardinal Dussollier, adoptive brother Lenny, unfortunately died in an episode of the series. We need flashbacks between Jude Law and Scott Sheperd, as the chemistry between the two actors is palpable. These are the 3 things we want to see in Season 2 of The Young Pope, which you can find on the generic decryption melty. What do you see in Season 2 of The Young Pope?