There are also big badass in cartoons

Cinema 24 February, 2017

No need to watch a Tarantino to cross the path of a guy without any fear. Remember these cartoons.
Charisma and Testosterone. You shake, and you get those male characters. Small precision: we focus on western cartoons, so no manga or other. Sorry, choosing is eliminating.
Dinobot in “Animutants”
Half velociraptor, half robot, already it throws. He transforms himself, changes his appearance as he pleases, BG. Above all, it motivates others to join the Maximals and form a united team, with the soul of a leader. Sometimes a little unstable it is true, with a tendency to fart cables, limit schizo . But Dinobot sacrifices himself for the others, he pays with his life to save them, follows his code of honor.
Sergeant Slaughter in “GI Joe: Heroes Without Borders”
You might want to make fun of his style, you better avoid. Ok, he walks in marcel, wears a hat not phew and inevitably carries his faithful trellis. But the guy tears you with his bare hands. Thick as a buffalo, Sergeant Slaughter prepares the agents and soldiers in battle . He also takes command of Cobra when there is a danger in the home. He does not shrink from anything. It is the others who retreats. And died.
Casey Jones in “Ninja Turtles”
Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello do not hang out with people of all kinds. A bit like the brawler and shake boyfriend you had in college, Casey Jones has a tendency to look for shit . As soon as he sees something he does not like, he says so. And he will put the misery to those he finds guilty of violating the law. Baseball hockey and baseball bat. The whole, the hidden face of a mask.
Ax Cop (eponymous cartoon)
The character came straight out of the imagination of a five-year-old kid. True story . An idea developed with his big brother when they played, small. So, it goes away, we’re really dealing with a crazy. Alone, he cuts zombies with the ax, eliminates cunning chainsaw creatures, goes to save God, goes into space in buggy …
Samouraï Jack (eponymous cartoon)
Trained from an early age to manipulate all weapons and master all types of combat, Jack is a real hard. In addition, it follows the code of honor of the samurai. There for the others, generous, he defends a world infested with diabolical robots, aliens … He chained the busy days, with a good heart, never afraid. A man.
Wolverine / Logan in various cartoons with the “X-Men”
Certainly arrogant and aggressive, Wolverine is indispensable. Rather lone wolf than good travel companion, he remains one of the best fighters of the X-Men and can get rid of giants by his claws but especially by his determination . When it is decided to hurt, it hurts. A little rough, gruff, dark brown, the male what.
Sterling Archer in “Archer”
So if you only prefer to see its negative sides, okay, it’s an alcoholic, casanova, who always leads too fast, arrogant … You can also see that Archer is nothing less than the best secret agent of World . That he solves all business, knocks out everybody, is still doing. So suddenly, yes, it has an oversized ego. So, is not that badass bad?