These actors really went to the room and did not just walk their sports bag

Cinema 9 January, 2017

We all had already lapsed and canceled the sports session. Not them. To interpret their roles as boxers, they trained as sick.

Will Smith for “Ali”
While this is not a basic grunt, the actor had to take 17.5 kg of muscle after several weeks of intensive training. Yeah, six hours a day, five days a week is rather addictive and challenging . And while shooting the scene of the fight against George Foreman, Will Smith faced a real boxer (Charles Shufford) who did not hold his shots, under the request of director Michael Mann. Friendly.

Jake Gyllenhall in “La rage au ventre”
The guy is all terrain. He can also lose weight (11 kg, emaciated face) for “Nightcall” to take (9 kg of muscle) to become a boxer, here Billy Hope, a middleweight that aimed at the world title. Practice 7 days a week (abs, squat, traction, gym, etc), twice a day (6 hours in total), for six months, with real boxers in front of the ring. To this, you add runs of 12 kms as well as the mass of proteins every day.

Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky”
He may have had a dubious dress style but he was sending heavy. For the third episode of the saga, Sly went down to 70 kg (because he is stocky the friend actually). How? Running every morning, followed by 18 rounds of boxing, two hours of muscu and jump rope. And after noon, he resorted to make sure I give everything . After that, he took 5kg of muscle in six weeks and his fat percentage dropped to 5%, which is below normal even for a pro athlete at the cleat (6-13%).
From 1min58. And must go beyond German, too.

Robert De Niro in “Raging Bull”
Based on the biography of Jake LaMotta, written by himself, Scorsese’s film showed Robert De Niro in a new light. Already established as a great actor, he showed then that he could really go far. Genre take 30 kg in three months (with a short tour of France and Italy history of eating well), of meat, ice cream, pasta, binouzes … But that’s the cool side limit, compared to the hundreds of hours of fighting against the real Jake LaMotta and fights in Brooklyn for life test .

Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”
A complete workout with a dedicated team of specialists. Hector Rocca coach (one of the best in history), Lucia Rijker in sparring-partner (three-time world boxing champion) and Grant Roberts (weightlifter) advised for the muscu. Assessment: 9 kg of muscles taken. And abs concrete . Maggie Fitzgerald, I do not make her shit!

Mark Wahlberg in “Fighter”
So motivated that he had started training before the project was even validated. Micky Ward to interpret as best as possible, Mark Wahlberg has worked every day with his personal coach for three years . Surely adept of the good barbec ‘, he had to melt 11 kg and saw his fat mass decrease by 20%. Respect seriously?