These actors who galley since they won an Oscar

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Normally, behind, you put yourself well. Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Pay. Unfortunately, for them, the opposite is true.
Life is not always sewn with white thread. We think we know the sequence, the sequence, we say that this or that would be logical. And boom! Change of plan. When fate gets in your way and mouths 2 cm from your piss: “Surprise mother fucker!”. In short, you see the picture what. These actors have lived it, and still live it.
Adrien Brody
Rewarded for his role as Wladyslaw Szpilman in “The Pianist”, in 2002, the American actor had upset us. His almost impassive face conveyed an incredible, throbbing pain. Roman Polanski knew the magnifier . Since then, it’s brothel. Most of his films are flops (“Predators”, “The Jacket”, “The experiment”) and for some time, he plays outright in unknown stuff coming out directly in VOD. But what happened?
And yeah, you did not see her come here! Cher is not only a singer, but also an actress. Of talent, in addition. After a few good roles in “Mask”, “The Mystery of Silkwood” and “The Witches of Eastwick”, she breaks the hut as an accountant who assaults the brother of her supposed future husband in “Eclair de lune”. The beginning of a great career? Rather the end, alas, so far. Since ? Not terrible movies and cameos.
Cuba Gooding Junior
“Boyz in the Hood” and “Men of Honor” were already killings. But in “Jerry Maguire”, it exploded. In his role as a professional footballer, Cuba Gooding Junior played masterfully . Better, he was Rod Tidwell. On the other hand, he detonated afterwards. Will know if he asked too much, if he had no good offers, or if he simply made the wrong choices … Because “Instinct”, “Chill Factor”, “Rat Race”, “Snow Dogs” Radio “… We will not talk about it.
Kim Basinger
Beauty is sometimes a curse. People only see you in a type of role well defined and limited, like the directors who contact you. It was his case, before we would trust him in “LA Confidential” , awarded with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But this was not confirmed, because of poor successive choices. Only her performance as Eminem’s mother, in “8 Mile”, had brought it back to light.
F. Murray Abraham
In fact, it started too hard. Just at the beginning of his career, he plays the role of Antonio Salieri, the sworn enemy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the film “Amadeus”. The film picks up a sling load of trophies at the 1984 Oscars, and Murray Abraham contributes, won Best Actor . So will know why, we have not seen him again in quality films, interpreting complex and interesting characters. Rather than appear in a thriller by Colin Farrell (“Dead Man Down”), or lend his voice in “The Muppets in Space”. Ok, we saw him again in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” or “Inside Llewyn Davis”, but we waited (and hoped) better for him.
Roberto Benigni
If you have not yet seen “Life is Beautiful”, really, do it. It is great. It makes you want to chill that bastard. You end up on the kneecaps, moved, shocked, lost. Logic, he had the Oscar for this role, knowing that he was also the director. The result was not so convincing. Its “Pinocchio” did not work, it has somewhat disappeared radar screens, made some small roles (“Coffee and cigarettes”, “To Rome with love”), redisparu … Too bad. Other examples in mind?