These characters from Star Wars fans series!

Cinema 4 May, 2017

While the special Star Wars Day is in full swing on melty, back on all those series characters who can not help but talk about the saga of George Lucas!
May the force be with you ! And yes the meltynauts, in this May 4, 2017, impossible to miss the phenomenon Star Wars. Whether we love or hate this fantastic and terribly captivating universe, we can no longer look at our favorite series without hearing our heroes talk about Luke or Darth Vader. And it’s still ultra kiffant to see our fetish characters disguise the time of an episode in order to pay tribute to a saga that has nevertheless marked many generations. While the editorial of melty made you the list of all these shameful series that one continues to see in spite of everything, return on the best allusions to Star Wars in the television shows:
The Big Bang Theory
Without a possible context, The Big Big Theory is THE series that explodes the most with Star Wars. Multiplying references, she enjoys Sheldon’s passion to offer us just hilarious scenes . We remember the episode where Sheldon had disguised himself in C-3PO with a wig that gave a different dimension to the character.
Remember, early season 3, Ross and Rachel are happy and in love . The opportunity for them to share their most intimate fantasies. And it turns out that Ross loves Leia and her little golden bikini. But while Rachel decides to do it by dressing in the same way, Ross can not help but see her mother as soon as she opens her mouth. Thanks Chandler!
And yes, even the musical series had the brilliant idea to surf the phenomenon Star Wars in its third season. Indeed, the writers wanted to pay tribute to the Star Wars Holiday Special and so did not hesitate to disembark Chewbacca in an episode ultra nostalgic for fans of the saga.
Gray’s Anatomy
This is a series that we did not expect to see on our list . And yet! In the fourth season of the show, a high school student finds himself stuck in concrete and the poor really begins to lose courage. Miranda Bailey then decides to release the great game and offers a speech of encouragement made in Star Wars to this student passionate of the saga. We love !
How I Met Your Mother
Ted and the others are downright Star Wars worshipers. Does not Barney keep a Stormtrooper in human size in his living room? But the first episode of season 4 offers us a hallucinatory debate. So, Ted learns that his fiancee has never seen Star Wars. Fan hardcore, Ted wonders if she will really like the saga and if that was not the case, should not it leave her? In the end, the young woman will end up saying that she loves not to ruffle Ted’s feelings.
Newport Beach
Ah Newport Beach and its rich kids! Fortunately, Seth Cohen was there to offer us references to pop just crazy culture. And the series even paid the luxury of receiving flesh and blood George Lucas for an episode where the heart of the beautiful Summer was at stake. A mix The OC-Star Wars just kiffing on the WB of the time!
As you know, Chuck is a real geek and it’s no surprise that he really admires the saga of George Lucas. So when Sarah decides to introduce her into the world of espionage, she gives him a photo montage where she is dressed as Princess Leia at the comic-con, the dreamed place where they would have met. It was sure that Chuck was going to crack, right?
That ’70 Show
The first film of the saga had a real influence on our heroes to the point that the main character, Eric, had a dream in which Donna began to go out with Dark Vader. The opportunity for each one to disguise and to concoct a scene too well referenced . That’s all for us! Meanwhile, (re) discover the Star Wars saga in cult replicas . What is your favorite series among all those who make references to Star Wars?